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Best CBD Capsules on Amazon 2018

Samuel Njoroge



the best CBD capsules on Amazon

CBD capsules are one of the recent inventions in the CBD industry. They are pills that contain very concentrated levels of CBD oil derived from Hemp plant. CBD capsules amazon provides an efficient way of consuming the much needed CBD products. It rivals vaping or drinking CBD oil tinctures as the most used method of CBD ingestion.

Unlike CBD oil gummies and creams, capsules are the purest form of CBD oil products as it contains fewer ingredients, without sweeteners, flavors as well as scents.

Benefits of using CBD capsules Amazon

CBD Capsules have very many advantages over other modes of taking marijuana. Firstly, it is a very professional way of taking your CBD dosage as prescribed by your physician. You do not have to worry about painting a ‘bad’ picture in front of your kids as when compared to vaping.

Unlike vaping and tinctures, the dosage in capsules is very precise and accurate. Cases of overdose are unheard of. Take a pill or two a day and you will be good to go. I am not criticizing any vaper in the house, I am just pointing out clear facts.

Lastly, it is easy to consume CBD through the capsule compared to vaping. All you need is a glass of water and 5 seconds. Guess what? You can do it in the comfort of your work desk next to your colleagues without drawing any attention.

Drawbacks of CBD capsules

Nothing is perfect, and CBD capsules amazon is not exempted from that rule of law. It has its own shortcomings. Firstly, most CBD capsules are unflavored, an aspect which introduces a corrosive test from the pills. The capsules also cost a fortune compared to other CBD oil products.

The capsules might require special storage inside the refrigerator which means that you can only store the drugs inside your kitchen. Secondly, you will be unable to travel with these capsules.

Best CBD Capsules and pills

We have gone through dozens of CBD oil capsules available in the markets and developed this article highlighting the ones we found outstanding. We understand that CBD is still a new topic and our customers might find picking the right CBD capsules amazon hard and time-consuming. This often leads to most of them picking up the wrong type of CBD oil capsule. Let’s have a look at the top CBD Capsule Amazon reviews 2018.

CBDFX Capsules

CBDFX Capsules

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On top of our list is the CBD FX capsules that are specifically designed to deal with all your chronic pain related issues. Each FX bottle contains 30 gelatin capsules each containing 25 mg of CBD obtained from full spectrum hemp.

The pills are not GMO, grown organically, gluten-free making it consumable by anyone. A fully packed FX bottle contains 750 mg of CBD altogether.

Pros Cons
Very discrete and can be consumed anywhere Has no flavors


It takes a short time to consume and requires only a glass of water Are expensive
Are great for non-vapers Must be refrigerated
Has no sugar
GMO/Gluten free and also organic


CBD Genesis Capsules

BD Genesis Capsules

Photo courtesy of Genesis

CBD Genesis is an established brand of capsules and is among the most trusted companies by the consumers. The CBD genesis CBD capsules amazon contains hemp oil extract, as well the cannabidiol extract.

They come with varying strengths, a 25mg CBD capsules, and a 50mg CBD capsules. Each bottle contains a minimum of 30 capsules

Pros Cons
Great quality Expensive
Easy to consume as it takes a shorter time with fewer requirements
A bottle contains a generous number of capsules, 30.
Contains minor or zero traces of THC
It is worth the price


CBD Drip EcoCaps

CBD Drip EcoCaps

Photo courtesy of Consumer Health Digest

EcoCaps capsules are part of the great revolution in the CBD industry. These capsules are not only super potent but are also infused with other healing properties. Each bottle of Drip EcoCaps contains a staggering 30 capsules which are more than enough for a CBD dosage.

The capsules are made from specially grown industrial organic hemp without GMO properties. The drugs are lab-tested gluten free and developed from vegan ingredients. Each capsules bottle contains about 900 mg of CBD.

Pros Cons
Can be consumed anywhere Are expensive
Are very discrete unlike vaping Must be refrigerated
They are easy to consume
Are a great option from non-vapers
They contain no sugar and Gluten
Has no GMO properties
Is very potent with a 900 mg CBD per bottle


CBD Distillery Capsules

CBD Distillery Capsules

Photo courtesy of consumer health Digest

CBD distillery capsules is another trusted brand of CBD capsules amazon available in the market. Each distillery capsule contains 25 mg of CBD and each bottle has 30 capsules translating to a total of 750 mg per bottle. This amount makes it one of the most potent capsules available.

The capsules are made from pest free, non-GMO hemp plant infused with coconut oil. It is very convenient as it is the best way to take your CBD prescription without attracting attention and wasting time.

Pros Cons
Easy to take and very convenient Are not flavored
Very discreet Very pricey
Great for non-vapers and children
Has no sugar
It is gluten-free


Hemp Bomb Capsules

Hemp Bomb Capsules

Photo courtesy of Consumer Health Digest

Hemp bomb CBD Capsule amazon is a product of the reputable Hemp Bombs brand of CBD products. Each Hemp Bomb capsule contains 15 mg of CBD and each bottle has 70 capsules translating to a total of 1050 mg per bottle. The capsules undergo a rigorous testing process to ensure that it contains no traces of THC.

The capsules are made from non-GMO hemp plant infused with coconut oil. It is very convenient as it is the best way to take your CBD prescription without attracting attention and wasting time.

Pros Cons
Easy to take and very convenient Are not flavored
Very private Very expensive
Great for children
Has no sugar or calories
It is gluten-free


To sum it up, CBD capsules offer a great alternative to other methods of taking your CBD prescriptions. It however prudent to check out the company that produces the product you want to buy. A reputable company should have conducted several third-party laboratory tests on their products.

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Samuel Njoroge is our writer from the black continent Africa. His passion for writing about cannabis is admirable.

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