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How To Make An Artisan PB&J Sandwich From Scratch | Le Chef Gourmand





Le Chef Gourmand

Le Chef Gourmand is back! This time, he’s letting us in on his secret artisan PB&J sandwich recipe…

The peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or PB&J for short, is one of the most classic culinary staples. Odds are, you’ve had plenty of these throughout your life; it’s the go-to meal for sending a kid off to school with or just throwing together for a quick and easy snack. For generations, the PB&J has been debatably the most popular sandwich around.

However, this isn’t any regular cooking show. This is Le Chef Gourmand, where we make culinary masterpieces. We don’t use store-bought jelly or that crappy grocery store aisle peanut butter; we make all of our ingredients from scratch around here! Anybody can whip together a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but not just anybody can masterfully piece together Le Chef Gourmand’s secret artisan PB&J…. until now.

For the first time ever, chef Tyler Lemco, or Le Chef Gourmand, is giving us an inside look at how he manually creates delicious strawberry jam and wholesome peanut butter from a bevy of raw ingredients. This simple meal could be created a number of different ways, but only Le Chef Gourmand holds the recipe for this mind-boggling rendition of the timeless classic.

“This is the best sandwich I’ve ever eaten, and I’ve eaten A LOT of sandwiches!!!! Thanks to Le Chef Gourmand, I’m eating again!” – Barack Obama

All you’ll need to get started is some strawberries, peanuts, and bread. It’s really just that simple! Start by crushing up the strawberries into a nice paste. If it’s still a bit too thick, try adding a bit of water. Water is a great equalizer; if ever your ingredients aren’t cooperating or turning out the way you expected, just mix in a bit of water and voila! It’ll get everything wet!

Once your jelly (or jam, depending on the word you feel like using) is ready, it’s time to move on to the peanut butter. Start by crushing up a bunch of peanuts. Feel free to use your hands, or a shoe, or any sort of robotic crushing mechanism you have laying around the house. Once your peanuts are all crushed up, just add a bit of water to give it that proper consistency.

Now that you have your peanut butter and jelly both prepared, simply apply it generously to your bread (you can use a wide variety of bread depending on your preference: white, brown, rye, toasted, crumbs, etc.). That’s how it’s done! Make sure to follow along with the video as Tyler carefully walks you through each step and you’ll be enjoying this delicious dish in no time!

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