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UPDATE – WATCH: PlayStation 5 Get’s Infused

Ben Rispin



The PlayStation 5 get’s infused and reviewed on Press X To Get High

Plat Station 5 gets Infused on Press X To Get High

Plat Station 5 gets Infused on Press X To Get High

On March 18th, Sony PlayStation made announcements surrounding the much anticipated, Playstation 5. That same day, Higher Mentality’s own Press X to Get High (PXTGH) went live reporting on these announcements while extremely high. If you haven’t been paying attention to Higher Mentality’s TWITCH channel, dare we say you’ve been missing out. Every Wednesday Press X To Get High, hosts loveable stoners Jake Reimer (also known as Snake the Jake), Ben 64, and Logan get super high and review, play and discuss the world of video games. PXTGH usually goes live every Wednesday, “8 til’ late”. The PXTGH crew have been going live frequently during the Covid-19 crisis in an effort to not only entertain their viewers but to take their minds off of self-quarantine. It’s easy for them to go live, and safe, as they all live in the same house.

Watch PlayStation 5 Get Infused on Press X To Get High

The Playstation 5 Gets Infused: Highlights

  • The PlayStation 5 or PS5 is Sony’s next-gen console
  • It is slated for release “Holiday Season 2020”
  • No games have been announced or confirmed.
  • The PlayStation 5 will be compatible with current PSVR hardware.
  • Sony has not announced how much the next-gen console will cost.
  • The PS5 will be backward compatible with “almost all” PS4 games.
  • Sony has confirmed the PS5 release date is not currently delayed by Covid-19
  • Weed is tight.

The PlayStation 5 Gets Infused: What our staff is saying

“The good part of the announcement is no load times and the 3D audio without headphones. The lamest? No price. no games. No visual. Basically nothing.” – Ben 64, writer and co-host of Press X To Get High

“The 3D Audio sounds very cool.  Same with the new X-Box. I love the idea of zero load times. At the moment, it sounds great and I cannot wait to hear more about it. The future is looking bright for consoles!” – Cole Rispin, writer and co-host of The Mass Nerder Podcast

About Sony’s Playstation 5

Plat Station 5 announcements gets Infused

PlayStation 5 gets Infused on Press X To Get High

 Featured Snippet From The Web –

The PlayStation 5 (officially abbreviated as PS5) is an upcoming home video game console developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The PS5 was announced as the successor to the PlayStation 4 in 2019. It is scheduled to be launched in late 2020. This will see the console released in North America, Europe, South America, Australia, and Japan. It will compete with Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and the Nintendo Switch. More announcements to come.

About Press X To Get High

About Press X to Get High

About Press X to Get High

Every Wednesday you’ll find Press X to Get High hosts Jake Reimer, Chris Logan and Ben Pelletier squished together on a couch live streaming on Higher Mentality’s Twitch channel. Watch the trio laugh and cough their way through a new lo-fi take on the “variety show” format. Press X covers an array of colorful characters and guests cover a variety of topics. Subjects like, gaming news, Marvel movies, Japanese anime, and Sativa-dominant hybrids are never off-brandThe X-Team’s stoned commentary offers deep insight with gems like “0/10 throw it in the trash” or “this game is for people who drink light beer”. These insights keep their active audience laughing, engaged and chatting along. It’s as if three life long friends were born to play video games and pass joints around on the internet. Albeit mediocrely.

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Ben Rispin is a critically acclaimed Canadian musician ( The Saint Alvia Cartel, The Video Dead), podcast host, writer, and life long cannabis advocate. Ben has over 20 years of experience in music, events, marketing, management, brand integration, new media and film production.