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Hakuna Supply – Take Away Your Worries

Higher Mentality Staff



Hakuna Supply, founded in 2016, is a leading California-based manufacturer and supplier of cannabis products, storage, and accessories.

Hakuna’s core values revolve around integrity, environmental sustainability, and innovation. And their problem-free philosophy? ‘Hakuna – Stop worrying!’ – which is evidenced in their products’ manufacture, supply, and delivery right to your doorstep.

 Customer satisfaction is a top priority for Hakuna. Every Hakuna customer is given high priority in ensuring that you get the best product delivery within the shortest possible time.

Their environmental sustainability policy is evidenced in their drive to make the environment  a greener and more refreshing place to live with no worries. Every stash box you purchase comes with a seed-paper packet made from recycled, biodegradable paper, and is filled with a mixture of pine and spruce seeds to green the Earth.

Charity is also a fundamental priority for Hakuna. A part of the profits made from the Hakuna Hemp roast goes to the homeless veterans of Southern California and the World Wildlife Foundation. 


What do you get from the Hakuna supply?

  • Hakuna Wellness supply
  • Hakuna Storage boxes – the stoner’s kit
  • Hakuna accessories


Hakuna Wellness Supply

The Hakuna Hemp Roast

 Hakuna Hemp Roast CBD coffee is a blend of Full Spectrum water-soluble CBD powder blended with top quality coffee beans.


Hakuna Hemp Roast comes in various varieties and packages ranging from $9.95 – $99.95. Shop for any of Hakuna’s CBD coffee today.

Hakuna Hobart’s Haze

Hakuna Hobart’s Haze is Hakuna’s Cannabis flower with high CBD content and enriched with fragrant flavor for a smooth ride to getting high. 

There are eight blends of Hakuna Hobart’s Haze you can choose from. All containing approximately 27 grams of CBD, packaged in a reusable glass tube with cork cover.

Shop for the Hakuna’s hemp sativa starting from $9.95 – $159.95

Hakuna Drink Drop

Hakuna Drink Drop is a CBD drink drop infused with top-quality water-soluble CBD extract. Hakuna Drink Drop is tasteless, making it the best choice of CBD-based drink drop to infuse your water, smoothies, juice, and other beverages. 


Varieties of Hakuna Drink Drop available include: ADDC-CBD drink drops, Blue dream CBD drink drops, Wedding Cake CBD drink drop, and Premium CBD Drink drop.  

Shop for your Hakuna Drink Drop starting from $39.95 – $109.95.

Hakuna Accessories 

Hakuna Original Grinder

Hakuna Original grinder is a four-piece metal grinder to grind your flower to texture perfect for a high trip. 

The grinder, with its sharp teeth, turns with ease and includes a kief catcher and a kief shovel for cleaning your grinder and collecting treasured kief.


  • 4-piece metal grinder
  • Kief catcher
  • Kief shovel

shop for the Hakuna original grinder for $29.95

Hakuna Glass Spoon Pipe

The Hakuna Glass Spoon Pipe is a 5″ smoke pipe made from high-quality borosilicate glass with a helix design to give you a smooth pull.


  • Flower bowl
  • A carb for airflow
  • A restricted mouthpiece to catch ash

Shop for the Hakuna Glass Pipe for $19.95 to add to your collection of 420 accessories

Hakuna Wooden Rolling Tray

The Hakuna Wooden rolling tray is crafted from solid wood with the user in mind in the crafting process. 


  • A portable-sized tray that fits comfortably in a stash box 
  • A sizeable rolling area to prepare your flower for roll
  • A groove to hold accessories like rolling papers or dab tools
  • Available in Mahogany and Ebony colors.

Rock and roll with the Hakuna Rolling tray for $19.95. Easy to carry along wherever you go.


Hakuna Original Stash Jar

The Hakuna Original Stash Jar is a top-quality smell-proof stash jar made from quality bamboo and glass to keep your stash always fresh.

The Hakuna original stash jar is available in three sizes

  • 1/8 oz. (Size: 2″ W x 2.75″ H)
  • 1/2 oz. (Size: 2.25″ W x 4.5″ H)
  • 1 oz.  (Size: 3.75″ W x 4.5″ H)

Shop for the Hakuna original stash jars from $9.95 – $19.95. Let the jars take away the worries of cross-contamination.


Hakuna Wooden Roach Clip

The Hakuna wooden roach clip is made from durable wood carved with you in mind to give you a perfect grab while enjoying your joint to the very last pull. 

The Hakuna wooden roach clip also doubles as a one-hitter.


  • Wooden handle
  • Metal tip
  • One hitter piece

Shop for the Hakuna wooden roach clip, available in Ebony and Mahogany color, $9.95. 


Hakuna Storage Boxes

Hakuna Signature Lock Box

The Hakuna signature lock box is made from Mahogany or Walnut wood. The box is crafted to give you the convenience and the storage space you need to keep your accessories organized and protected. 


  • Three compartments to house your grinder, stash jars, roach clips, papers, bongs, etc.
  • A Hakuna wooden rolling tray 
  • A built-in lock to keep out intruders

Shop for the Hakuna Signature lockbox for $99.99 and add other accessories to the Hakuna Signature Lock Box at discounted rates.

Book of the Dead Locking Book Box

The ‘Book of the Dead locking book box’ is a discreet lockbox to hide your kit in plain view. The Book of the Dead is made of a metal safe with a felt-lined cavity to protect your stash and keep the smell out. The exterior is hidden by a luxurious leather book cover.


  • Leather book cover and title
  • Metal lock to protect your content
  • Felt-lined interior

Shop for Hakuna’s Book of the Dead for $49.95 and add other accessories to your “Book of the Dead’ at discounted rates.

Hakuna Original Black Box – Geometric Elephant

Hakuna’s original black box is a best-selling stash box made from solid mahogany and painted in a glossy black lacquer.


  • Elephant Mandala design
  • Dimensions of 7.5’’ x 6.125’’ x 4’’
  • Two magnet lock-seal
  • 4- customizable compartments made of removable dividers 

Shop for the Hakuna Original black box for $49.95 and add other accessories at discounted rates. 


At Hakuna, products and accessories are of the highest standard you can find. The products and accessories are made with you and the environment in mind. 

Grab yourself Hakuna products and accessories to take away your worries.

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