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3 DIY Ways to Hide The Smell of Weed




ways to hide the smell of weed

Smoking your favorite herb isn’t usually the least discreet thing you can do. Odours hang around long after use.

I know what you are thinking: why do I need ways to hide the smell of weed when marijuana will be legalized soon?

Well, with marijuana legalization comes with a new marketplace and a whole new set of laws. Police officers will be sniffing around looking for a just cause and cannabis consumers need to protect themselves against unlawful inquiry. Now more than ever, lingering marijuana smells can lead to trouble.

In that light, here are three DIY ways to hide the smell of weed.

The “Sploof”

The age-old method remains, but it is tried and tested. The “sploof” consists of an empty toilet paper roll, a bunch of dryer sheets, and an elastic band. You wrap one dryer sheet to one end of the toilet paper roll and secure it with an elastic band. Then you fill the toilet paper roll with dryer sheets leaving a 1-2 inch gap for your mouth to fit.

You blow your smoke through the open-end, resulting in a less-smelly toke.

Try adding activated charcoal to your sploof for an ultra-purified experience.

25$ DIY Air Purifier

This tutorial from the University of Michigan demonstrates how to build a DIY air purifier with a HEPA filter and a regular fan. Essentially, the filter goes on the back (intake) of the fan which allows the fan to push air through the filter.

Fans are already a great way to remove unwanted smells and this little $25 upgrade can make a big difference at home when you want to hide the smell of weed.

Use activated charcoal bags

While not exactly DIY, activated charcoal is available online, and these bags are easy to source and create. You can place them in your car, bathroom, closet, or anywhere you want to hide the smell of weed. They work extremely well in small spaces and can be rejuvenated in the sun for continued use.

They are all-natural, non-toxic and odor free. While air fresheners may mask the smell, activated charcoal works to absorb and remove it.

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