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3 Iconic “How to Roll a Blunt” Videos




Iconic "How to Roll a Blunt" Videos

Learning how to roll a blunt can be tricky. The best artists have perfected their craft through trial and error.

When you are learning how to roll a blunt, knowledge is power. But with hundreds of videos on the web offering different tips and guides, sifting through all the information gets complicated.

If you are getting lost in the web remember: knowledge is power, but the experience is everything. It’s about getting your hands sticky and perfecting your craft. So grab your favorite blunt rap, bud, and take your time.

To help you get started, HigherMentality has curated 3 iconic how to roll blunt videos. Learn from Tupac, Redman, and the iconic movie “KIDS.” Pick and choose tips and tools from legends in the game and some of the most accurate on-screen blunt rolling ever.

Remember, rolling a blunt is an art. So make it your own.

Tupac Shakur – How to Roll a Blunt in the Park 

An all-time classic, the late-great Tupac Shakur shows off his on-the-go blunt rolling skills in this iconic video. While he is not the most descriptive of his processes, Tupac offers some OG methods to this tutorial. He says,

“Split it with your fingernails. Don’t use a knife, don’t use a razor blade.”

KIDS – How to Roll a Blunt 

Looking for a quick blunt-rolling example from a motion picture, look no farther than the 1995 coming of age film “KIDS.” This movie sought to capture a realistic, raw look into the lives of inner-city kids, and it did not disappoint. This how to roll a blunt video gives you a quick step-by-step. The main character simply says:

“Break it. Scrape it. Lick it. Dump it. Smoke it.”

The Redman Edition of Rolling a Blunt

This video raised some controversy because the Complex team gave Redman an absolutely terribly fake bag of weed to roll with. “Hamster Bedding” he calls the weed. Never the less, he offers an in-depth guide to rolling a blunt. Redman also gives a unique tip by saying:

“Try mashing a blunt like this. Don’t be afraid to make your blunt flat.”


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