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Weed and Working Out: A Full Body High That Feels Good

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weed and working out

Ever heard of runner’s high? Well, now that experience can be captured during your whole workout. 

Weed and working out may seem like another one of those crazy stoner ideas. The majority of both users and non-users associate marijuana with a certain type of fatigue, body lock, or couch lock. But there is actual evidence suggesting that smoking weed before a workout can heighten overall enjoyment and performance. As a matter of fact, there are road races that encourage smoking weed and gyms dedicated to working out while stoned.

So, even if going for a run after smoking weed or lifting weights after some infused oils might sound sketchy, there are plenty of active people who have already been doing this.

Weed and Working Out

1. Exercising Higher

working out while smoking

Exercising while high has the potential to intensify your high. A study published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence states that working out helps to increase an overall body buzz. But in addition, it also increases the potency of your smoke.  In fact, the University of Sydney researched 14 weed smokers working out for 35 minutes. This cardio study showed that levels of THC increase and show at higher levels of exercise.  In summary, THC levels increased by 15 percent after tokers did cardiovascular exercise.

2. Put You in the Zone


The best part of mixing weed and working out is it’s ability to help one focus. For some, the hardest part about going to the gym is staying active throughout. But, as it turns out, smoking before can help focus the brain and put you in the zone. This makes exercising less of a job and makes it more fun. Research from The Wallstreet Journal showed this may be the reason to why several runners smoke before a race.

Furthermore, strain matters. Dr. Junella Chin, M.D., is an integrative medicine physician in New York and California. She specializes in medical cannabis and osteopathic neuromuscular medicine. She states:

“My patients who are athletes are consuming high-end, specialized strains of cannabis that help them get focused. And stay in the zone while exercising. Then, my patients who are yogis are using a totally different strain. To help with ligamentous strain, laxity and poses, relaxation, and getting them to meditate on a whole new level of awareness.”

3. CBD Can Prevent Soreness and Aid Recovery

Ever experience that extreme muscle tightness or joint pain after a workout? Or worse even worse, two days after the workout? In fact, most new to exercising have found the toughest part is maintaining a consistent exercise regime because of the pain. But, all this can be avoided. CBD or cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. But smoking a high CBD strain or using CBD oil before a workout can help the aches and pains after. It will relieve inflammation and also work to combat chronic pain. Furthermore, this can be used after a workout and during the week as a topical. Rub on creams help to reduce muscle tightness and work to alleviate any soreness.

4. Speed Up Your Metabolism


The goal of creating a workout regime is to get healthy. This usually means it works in correlation with diet and the food one is eating. The main reason people exercise is to stay in shape. And, weed and working out can all be apart of that journey. As a matter of fact, some of the primary compounds found in the plant, like THCV and cannabidiol, can increase metabolism.  On top of that, your cholesterol levels could drop significantly making it beneficial for your heart.

5, Know Your Limits

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, even after just a few hits, your heart rate can increase by 100%. So, staying diligent and knowing your body is key while smoking weed and working out. Just like working out, weed is all about the body, what works best for you and how much you can take. By far, the most important thing is to remember your tolerance levels. If you feel dizzy or anxious, drink some water and take a break.

Cannabis Friendly Gym and Locations for Weed and Working Out

With legalization creating a sweeping trend around the globe, innovative businesses are poising themselves to attract a new type of consumer. The newest trend in weed and working out is the creation of actual weed gyms. These are wellness hubs for cannabis consumers, activists, and all-around healthy people.

Here is one of the locations that have emerged.

Power Plant Wellness


According to its website, Power Plant Fitness in San Francisco is a marijuana gym that will “integrate cannabis into one’s daily routine of wellness,” In addition to offering all of the hallmarks of a premier “health and wellness center,” Power Plant Fitness will allow its members to consume cannabis both before and after their workouts “for optimal states of wellness and peak performance.”

Jim McAlpine, the founder of Power Plant Fitness, told Outside magazine that cannabis “can help get you into the zone, into the eye-of-the-tiger mode.

If you use it right, cannabis takes the things you love and lets you love them more,” he claimed.


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