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The Best Battery For Cartridges.

We try a lot of vape pens and batteries. So it comes as no surprise that we tested the Vessel vape battery. We were a bit hesitant that we were getting scammed. I mean, I can buy a vape battery for $20 why would I buy one for $100. Well is the same as buying a pack of 20 Bic pens. Yes you have a pen for a fraction of the normal price, bet how long does that Bic pen actually last. How well is it made. You will probably spend just as much in long run by having to constantly buy new terrible pens. It’s the same reason why you shouldn’t buy a Chevy. Yes it’s cheap, but it will fall apart after driving over a single speed bump. The Vessel vape battery is the Coca Cola, the Tesla Cyber Truck, the Apple iPhone of the vape industry. Long lasting, tough durable, with a whole lot more perks than other batteries.


Long Lashing Battery


3 Tier Heating

Amazing Airflow


Steeper Price Than Most Batteries

3 Tier Heating

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Over Powered Power.

To start of Vessel has one of the longest lasting batteries in the game. This has one of the perks that has made it really nice to use. Unlike most batteries, I don’t need to recharge it half way through the work day. The battery was able to last 48 hours with moderate to heavy use. It was nice to finally not have to worry about wether the battery was going to last me through the night. I also don’t have to get mad when i’m sting watching it recharge every 5 minuets like I did with my old batteries.

The vessel battery uses a compact, premium 240mAh battery core. The power band (2.8V / 3.2V / 3.6V) delivers a better tasting and fulfilling experience. Oils tend to taste better on lower temperature settings as it is able to to preserve terpene profiles as well as deliver the best taste and sensation.

For those of you who remember when vapes were blowing up in peoples pocket, the Vessel battery won’t do that. Like with most batteries now a days, it has a pull limit. This feature also is used to shut down the pen. IF you haven’t used the pen in 15 minuets, then the pen will automatically shut off. This helps preserve the battery life.


This vape pulls better than you ever will.

Each Vessel vape comes with a “Transition module” attached. This is a piece of technology that is unique to Vessel. The transition module is designed to greatly optimize the airflow to the cartage, allowing for the smoothest airflow in a vape. Increased airflow also reduces the chance of burning your coil. Another effect is a reduction in the temperature of the smoke, allowing you to take bigger hits. By simply twisting the module you can adjust the amount of airflow, depending on your needs. The transition module is where you attach your cartridge. Most 510 thread cartridges (market standard) will fit. If your cartridge is greater than 10.8mm in diameter, then you will have to remove the transition module. If you do have to remove the module then you will not receive the improved airflow.

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A vape for everyone.

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