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higher mentality stash box

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Higher Mentality's Connoisseur's Stash Box

Do you store your cannabis tools everywhere? Are tired of sorting through mess just to find what you need? Do you crave secrecy and discreetness? We got you covered!

Introducing, the Connoisseur’s Stash Box — perfect for experienced chronic cannabis users! Made to simplify cannabis storage by offering spacious room to carry all your essential tools and cannabis.

  • • Get a 8″ x 4 3/4″ Cherry wood rolling tray,
  • • Get a UV glass jar for your flower
  • • Get a 4 pc grinder
  • • Includes humidifier beads to preserve taste and reduce dryness.
  • • Grooved edges, reducing gaps trapping odor in
  • • Lockable compartment for secure storing
On the outside, it’s a box. On the inside, is your goods. What are you waiting for? Get the discreetness and security you want!
higher mentality stash box
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Storage Compartment

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Made from 100% 

Cherry Wood


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Sturdy Interior 


higher mentality stash box

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