Cannabutter Cooking Calculator

The difficulty of accurately determining cannabutters’ potency is difficult even for professionals, so the following calculations are estimates based on current research and best practices.


What is the THC or CBD Percentage in the Cannabis?

See the label on the packaging for this information.

Typical strains are 10-25% THC, but some strains can have over 25% THC.

CBD varies greatly. Some strains are created and chosen for the higher CBD percentage based on the patient's needs.

If your cannabis is labelled with a percentage of THCA (the non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in raw and live cannabis), rather than THC, enter that percentage here, then see the adjusted calculation for that in the results.
0.01% 35% 0
  • 0.01
  • 8.76
  • 17.51
  • 26.25
  • 35

What is the weight of cannabis used (in grams)


What are the number of servings of the finished product you will be making with the cannabutter?


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